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Specific to G5

Grade 5 Curriculum: Grade5Curric.2014-2015


What we mean when we say…

DEAR: Drop Everything and Read – students independently read a book of their choosing during this time.

RRLs: Reading Response Letters – weekly correspondence with us about the books they are reading independently (should be the same as their DEAR book). Every student is assigned a different day of the week that their letter is due.

Library Workshop: A monthly presentation during library class when the students share a summary and creative piece for the book they have been reading independently (usually the same book as DEAR and RRLs)

Literature Club: In its second year at CRS, students in grades 3, 4, 5 are participating in a literature club with one teacher and one administrator. The groups read different books (separate from what we are reading in the classroom) and discuss during their meeting times.

Literature: The time during the day when we have literature in the classroom. We read the chosen book with the students.

Writing Workshop: The time during the day when we have writing in the classroom. Students are able to work on their independent writing.

Junior Math Counts: A self-selecting weekly math challenge for students to explore higher level math problems – we encourage families to work together to solve the problems and spark discussion. Usually meets on Thursdays, after lunch with Elizabeth Clayton.

Problem of the Week: A week long challenge for all 5th graders – our goal is to have the students discuss how they solved the problem and to keep track of the strategies they try – handed out on Monday and discussed on Friday (unless there is a holiday).